Discover Menton by bike – The French/Italian tourist mix

Menton is the last town in France before you enter Italy. If you want to mix discoveries in both France and Italy, Menton is a premium starting point for your travels to the Côte d’Azur. Did you know that you can do both short and longer bike tours from our shop in the city center of Menton? Menton Bike Tour

 Fancy a coffee latte in Latte? Latte is a village at the coast just 5 km away from Menton on the road to Ventigmiglia. Cross the border and cycle through the tunnel and soon you land in Latte. Well, it is more likely that you will get served an espresso.

 Friday is market day in Ventigmiglia – 10 km from Menton. The roads towards the sea buzz with people that mingle in between the market shops that sell anything from plastic containers to shoes, soaps and much more. On any day, you can visit the food market in Ventigmiglia where you find all sorts of the Italian cuisine’s delicacies.

 If you want to do a longer ride, you can move on to the charming coast town Bordighera (17 km from Menton) or even all the way to San Remo (30 km from Menton) where you can cruise along the world-famous cycling path that is closed off from other traffic.

 Just a few kilometers from Ventigmiglia, you can also easily visit the very pretty village Dolceaqua (20 km from Menton) that is surrounded by the front hills of the Alps.

 Bike Tour Menton

If you only look for a few hours on the bike, why not stroll along the beach side in Menton and follow the road around the peninsula and to Roquebrune Cap Matin (5 km from Menton). It is a truly pretty loupe with some beautiful views to the bays at both sides.

 Continue a bit further down the ocean road to pay Monaco a visit (12 km from Menton). You will find yourself in yet another country and atmosphere.

 These suggestions are for easy cycling. By road bike you have a lot of world-famous climbs in the back yard. The classic climb to Col de la Madone starts in Menton and there is a lot more routes to discover for courageous riders

Happy Cycling!