Rent or BYO bike?

Rent or BYO bike?

10 good reasons for NOT bringing your own bike for your cycling holidays.

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If you are a cycling enthusiast in your everyday life and have got the idea to discover a new destination by bike, you are probably asking yourself: Should I bring my own beloved bike or should I rent one at the destination?

 As in any aspect of life there are pros and cons to both bringing your own bike and renting a bike. We have 10 good reasons why renting a bike is the best choice:

 1 No worries about how to bring the bike

How do you carry a bike on a train or flight? While some train companies allow you to bring a bike as it is, most long distance trains will demand that you pack your bike in a special bag. When flying you need to book special luggage space for your bike in advance and off course bring your bike in a flight friendly packaging. You can get a variety of bike bags/cases built for protecting your precious bike. However, when renting a bike at your destination, you do not even have to start thinking about ways to pack a bike.

 2 Save time when packing

All of you who have tried to pack a bike for transport know that it can take hours to figure out how many pieces you need to dismantle from the frame and how to fit all parts of the bike into a bike bag making sure that it is protected for the travels.

 2 No worries

While flying you do not have to worry about how the luggage belt men handle your bike. You do not have to picture the many ways that your bike can be thrown around between hardcase suitcases in the flight storage; from the flight to the baggage train and further on to the odd size belt. Because your bike is not there!

 3 Travel light = easier transport

You have more choice in means of transportation when going from the station or airport to your accommodation as you do not have to carry a very odd sized bag with you.

 4 Timesaver at arrival

You do not have to take time to unpack the pieces of your bike and make them into your fully functioning bike again.

 5 A professional prepared the bike

When you rent a bike it has always been in the hands of a mechanic before you start. If your skills in bike mechanics are not the greatest, you do not have to worry about if you got all pieces of your bike together in the right way.

 6 Easy pick-up and adjustment for you

If you make sure to book your bike, bike size and types of pedals in advance, the bike is ready for you when you come to pick it up. You may even get the bike delivered to your accommodation, if you organise it with the bike rental in advance.

 7 Mechanical issues

If you suddenly have some sort of mechanical issue with the bike during your cycling holidays, you can always give the bike rental shop a call and get your problem solved. You do not have to search for a bike shop nearby or worry about how to explain in a specific mechanical problem in a foreign language.

 8 Dirty bike?

When you have cycled for a few days the bike inevitable gets dirty from dust and perhaps a few raindrops. For once, you can save time for bike cleaning as you deliver the bike back to the rental shop. (The mechanic working in the shop would off course be excited to receive a shining bike when he gets it back).

 9 More time for holidays and cycling

In the end of the holidays, you get more time for cycling and other things as you do not have to set time of to pack the bike again for the return travels.

 10 No unpacking

When you wake up the morning after your holiday, you can jump right on your personal bike again as it is at home waiting for you in one piece ready to ride.

Happy cycling!