The World’s Best Cycling Routes: Le Tour de France 2020 - Nice rides from Nice! Vol 2

In one year from now on 27. June 2020 – the Tour de France will start in Nice. The two first stages of the Tour will take place in the back garden of Nice and perhaps you are curious to test yourself on some of the sections of the 140 km and 170 km stages that will start the legendary tour?

 There will be a lot of climbing for the peloton and beautiful roads. Among others, the routes pass through the pretty village close to Nice; Aspremont, and one of the major climbs will be the Col de Turini that is known for setting the stage of the Monte Carlo Rally. These are just a few of the roads worth travelling in the backcountry of Nice.


Cycling for a short or longer ride out of Nice; Aspremont is always worth the ride!

 Aspremont - Bike Trip from Nice

 Aspremont is only 13 km out of Nice, yet it feels like coming to an entire different area, when you climb above the buzzing streets and find yourself in the tranquil and majestic mountains.

 Aspremont can be reached from various corners and combination of routes. On a top at around 450m height it takes an effort to reach this pretty village. The climbing to get here is doable even for riders that are not used to climbing a mountain. For wine lovers, why not combine the ride with a visit to the local wine castle: Chateau de Bellet that on the road to the nearby village Colomars?

 The road through Aspremont towards Levens is as pretty as any movie from Provence you have ever seen. In fact, a James Bond movie or two have been filmed in these mountains throughout the years. A smooth curving road through landscapes of more villages, olive groves and green hills.

 You can keep on cycling into the Vésubie riverdale and explore more stunning landscapes. You find epic cycling here such as climbs at Duranus and Col de la Madone d’Utelle (1.200m).

 Col de Turini

Continue further into the Vésubie valley, and you eventually reach the village La Bollène-Vésubie. From here you can climb Col de Turini to the top at 1.600m. All you have to do, is keep on pedaling the hairpins that will take you up higher and higher!

 Col du Turini - Bike Trip from Nice

 When you descend towards Sospel, you pass this beautiful building, which is a chapel “Chapelle Notre-Dame de La Menour” in the village Moulinet.

 Col de Turini can be reached by 3 different sides. It is a challenge for cyclists in the Côte d’Azur to cycle all three in one day! There has even been made a badge for it by some. If you make a right turn once in Sospel, you can get back up to the top via another famous local climb: Col de Braus (1.000m).

 Col de Braus

 Col de Braus - Bike Rental Nice

Col de Braus also has some characteristic hairpins to offer. This shows the road to the top from the Eastern side that begins in Estèrel. This is probably one of the prettiest mountains to climb in the area and for some reason less famous than its brothers at the same height; Col de la Madone and Col de Vence. Probably because of the location that is a bit further in-country than the others. We highly recommend you to try this one!

 As you see, cycling in Nice can be combined in many ways. There is always and adventure by bike just around the next hill.

 Enjoy cycling, drink loads of water in the Summer heat, wear sunscreen and big smiles!

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