Where does your bike trip go to in 2020?

In BikeTrip we love to explore places by rolling wheels. As 2019 is coming to an end we start dreaming about the places we would like to discover by bike in 2020.

Bike-packing is getting more and more popular. Nice is such a great starting point for a bike-packing trip as you find yourself in one of the more beautiful centers of Europe with great roads, great Nature and great climate. We are in France, yet within a few hours you can reach Italy and beyond.

Touring Bike Trip

Gateway to the Mercantour Nationalpark and the Alps

Nice is protected by mountains. Les Alpes-Maritimes are at the forefront of the Alps that stretch through France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. From Nice you can in a day ride into the Alps via Mercantour Nationalpark that has some epic cycling. Covered by snow from late October-April it is recommended to cycle in the Summer season.

 You can ride the 7th highest road in Europe when cycling over Col de la Bonette (2.715m), or challenge either of the climbs to Barcelonnette (1135m), col d’Allos (2240m), col des Champs (2067m), St-Martin d’Entraunes (1235m), or col de la Cayolle (2326m).

 There are accommodation sites in the park, so you can easily spend a few days exploring the park that inhabits a wealth of flora and fauna, some of it only to be found here.


Mercantour Bike Trip

 Feeling like pasta tonight?

Italy is only a few pedal strokes away from Nice. Pack your bags, get on the bike and hit the road. You can enter Italy either by the coast way and cruise the Italian riviera for a while, or by crossing mountains, for example Isola 2000. If you go by car to Italy, you often follow the amazing valley Breil-sur-Roya and cross at Col de Tende, but it is not allowed to go via the tunnel at Col de Tende by bike. If you chose this way, either jump into a support car as you cross, or perhaps do the stretch across the border by train or bus.

 On the other side of the border you will enter the Piedmont region that has a beauty of its own. You can cycle through impressive valleys such as Valle Maira or cruise through rolling hills of wine fields in the Barolo district.

Italy Bike Trip

 Cycling tourists are very welcome in Italy. In the region you will find a network of hotels dedicated to cyclists with storage rooms for bikes, tools and an understanding for walking around in lycra. Find for instance a hotel and a track via the corporation www.cicloturismo.com.

 Meet the friendly Italians. You quickly find that a smile opens conversations everywhere and you might need that – English is not as widely spoken in Northern Italy as in Southern France, but if you know a bit of Italian or French, you are good to go. 

Backroads French Riviera

From the whole team in BikeTrip we wish you a joyfull New Year and we look forward to welcoming you to adventurous cycling from our shops in Nice, Cannes or Menton.

 Bonne Année!